Tasmanian Waterfall Map

This is not a guide on how to get to waterfalls in Tasmania. For that please visit https://waterfallsoftasmania.com.au/waterfalls.

This is a map I’ve worked on over the last year that I believe is the most complete map of Tasmanian waterfalls on the internet. I believe the majority of the locations are accurate but I can not guarantee that their locations are 100% correct. If you notice any mistakes please let me know.

This map is a work in progress. Over time, more waterfalls are likely to be added, and details about listed waterfalls will be updated.

Important notes:

Do not attempt to reach any waterfall that does not have a designated track unless you are experienced with bushwalking off track in Tasmania.

Please do not take the access notes I have attached to the waterfalls as definitive methods of accessing them. I have attached them in hope that they provide some assistance to waterfall baggers like me, but they shouldn’t be used as instructions.

Some waterfalls that are listed as public property are actually situated on private property, I am currently working on updating this.

Some waterfalls are not included on this list. Their locations have been kept secret for good reason, as they are situated near highly populated areas and if their locations were publicly exposed they could be at a high risk of being over-loved. Secret Falls on kunanyi/Mt Wellington is a perfect example of this happening.

Falls not included on map:

  • Fairy Falls (kunanyi)
  • Fortunate Find Falls
  • Pineapple Falls
  • Swimming Hole Falls
  • Gibson Creek Falls
  • Glorious Falls
  • Coalminers Falls
  • Dovetail Falls
  • Rememberance Falls
  • Skull Rock Falls
  • Untouched Falls
  • Calmful Falls
  • Archangel Falls
  • Concert Creek Falls
  • And many many more…

Map key:

Confirmed-Official – Official Name, Public Property, Unvisited

Confirmed-Official-Found – Official Name, Public Property, Visited

Confirmed-Official-Private – Official Name, Private Property, Unvisited

Confirmed-Official-Private-Found – Official Name, Private Property, Visited

Confirmed-Unofficial – Unofficial Name, Public Property, Unvisited

Confirmed-Unofficial-Found – Unofficial Name, Public Property, Visited

Confirmed-Unofficial-Private – Unofficial Name, Private Property, Unvisited

Confirmed-Unofficial-Private-Found – Unofficial Name, Private Property, Unvisited

Unconfirmed-Unofficial – Unofficial Name, Public Property, Existence Unconfirmed

Unconfirmed-Unofficial-Private – Unofficial Name, Private Property, Existence Unconfirmed


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